Photographs of the Mason-Dixon Line Stone Markers

The Mason Dixon line was authorized to be established on the degree of latitude which was fifteen miles south of the most southerly dwelling in the Philadelphia, PA. That turned out to be at the latitude of 39 degrees and 43 minutes. The sections designated below were assigned for the benefit of motorists, so they lie along the Mason-Dixon line between intersections of north/south highways.  Read carefully the special notes at the bottom of this page having to do with milestone and marker numbers, because it will otherwise confuse you thoroughly to find more than one number used to identify the same stone.  


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Present Day Landmarks 
(listed east-to-west)

Mason Dixon Milestone or 
Marker Numbers


 Newark to Pennsylvania U.S. Route 1

Stones 1 - 13

 U.S. Route 1 to Interstate 83

Stones 14 - 48

 Interstate 83 to U.S. Route 15

Stones 49 - 83

 U.S. Route 15 - Interstate 81

Stones 84 - 106

 Interstate 81 to Interstate 70

Stones 107 - 126

 Interstate 70 to U.S. Route 220

Stones 127-132,
Markers 137 - 165

 U.S. Route 220 to U.S. Route 219

Markers 166 - 191

U.S. Route 219 to U.S. Route 40 

Markers 192 - 206

U.S. Route 40 to Brown's Hill

Markers 207 - 232+

Brown's Hill to Interstate 79 

Markers 232 - 247


Important notes about milestone and marker numbers....

Mason Dixon Milestone numbers are used up to #132.
For these stones, the number on the bottom right of the photo is
the milestone number, and the number written in black ink
on the photo is the number from the current USGS topographic maps.

USGS Marker numbers are used after Mason Dixon milestone number #132.
The number in the photo is from the USGS topographic map until Marker #222.

For sections 9-10, marker numbers were arbitrarily assigned in consecutive order
by the author.  These marker numbers are not listed on topographic maps.

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